"django unchained" 
(2012, dir: quentin tarantino)

stephen james by haley ballard  (adon, #8)

stephen james by haley ballard
(adon, #8)

king avriel "caricatures"

asgeir "here it comes"

"bring it on" 
(2000, dir: peyton reed)

matisyahu "confidence (ft. collie buddz)” 
(akeda, june 3)

believe in yourself 
even after the fall 
i wish i knew that one 
a long time ago

the pains of being pure at heart "eurydice" 
(days of abandon, june 2)

sizzy rocket "pretty and vacant" 
(thief, tba)

eels "parallels" 
(the cautionary tales of mark oliver everett, april 21)

evocativ "the lovers, pt. 2"